The usual duration is around two hours, but sometimes we like to extend it a bit if there are interesting things happening in the sky outside of that timeframe.

We try to adjust the duration according to the visitors wishes. Some young children might not be able to stay awake too late, but other visitors would like to try taking photos, which can take more time.

If you want photos taken, I spend some time editing the next day, so there is some additional charge, depending on the time I estimate I will use.

So the prices are just indications and might be adjusted if we spend more time, or if we have to transport equipment to your location.

Prices in DKK / Euro

1 person: 1250 DKK / 168 €

2 persons: 1500 DKK / 200 €

3 persons: 1750 DKK / 235 €

4 persons: 1875 DKK / 250 €

5 persons: 2125 DKK / 285 €

6 persons: 2500 DKK / 336 €

Payment can be made by credit card, Mobile Pay or by cash.

The listed prices are for private tours only. Corporate and large group tours are arranged and priced seperately.