When is the best season or date to visit Dark Sky Park Møn?

From September to March there are the most dark hours in Denmark, so it is the best time of the year to enjoy the night sky, but Dark Sky Møn can be experienced all year round. On a late summer night, the Milky Way can be seen as a broad milky white band of light stretching across the sky.

Different parts of the sky can be seen at different seasons, as we look out in different directions at night as we orbit the sun during the year.

It is best to see the night sky when there is no moonlight. See our lunar calendar to find the best nights when the moon has not risen yet.

Where is the best location in Denmark to see many stars at night?

On Møn and Nyord you can see many more stars than anywhere else in Denmark. 

This is because there is less light pollution, so you can see even the smallest stars. 

Where in a big city you can see around 100 stars in the sky, man on Møn can see more than 5000 stars. 

You can also see many more shooting stars (meteors) because the sky is dark.

Where in Denmark can we find the darkest skies?

Møn and Nyord is the only place in Denmark officially designated as a Dark Sky Park, which means that the darkness of the night is protected from light pollution. The night sky darkness is continnuously monitored, and the level of darkness can be seen live at https://darkskymoen.dk/en/posts/real-time-sqm-measurements-mon

But several other areas are on their way to achieving the same status. 

An association, Dark Sky Denmark, has started a campaign and project to investigate what can be done against the increasing light pollution in Denmark, i.a. by measurements and knowledge sharing.

Where in Denmark can you best observe the Milky Way?

On Møn and Nyord you can clearly see the Milky Way because the sky around it is so dark. This is because there is less light pollution, so you can see even the faintest things in the sky. 

For example, the Andromeda Galaxy can be seen with the naked eye from Møn.

Which season is best if you want to see the Milky Way in Denmark?

The best time to see the Milky Way is in late summer and autumn, from August to November. A that time, it is still high in the sky in the evening.

In the spring, you have to go out early mornning, around 3 a.m., to see the Milky Way rise before the sun rises.

In the summer, the sky is so bright that it can be difficult to see the Milky Way. However, you can spot it between 1 and 2 at night.

Here are some photos of the Milky Way from Dark Sky Park Møn.

When can you best see Orions belt in Denmark?

Orion is one of the most beautiful constellations in the night sky. The constellation is only visible in Denmark in autumn and winter.

Orion begins to be visible from the beginning of October, when the constellation rises at midnight, and is fully visible at 2.

For the next few months, Orion can be seen all night until March when it sets around 23.

What is the name of the brightest star in the night sky?

Sirius (or Alpha Canis Majoris) is the brightest star in the sky and the main star in the constellation "The Big Dog". For that reason it is also known as the Dog Star.

In the evening, when the sun has just set, you can often see Sirius flashing in many colors. This is because the atmosphere is still cooling and the air is therefore unstable. It's not because the star is twinkling.