Learn how to make great images at night

We conduct individually tailored courses in night time photography.

Night time photos have a special quality, but can be tricky to make. 

Exposure and focus are difficult in the dark, and there are many obstacles that seem to conspire against you. Whether it's the cold, the darkness that seems to make everything get lost very fast, or the feeling that some wild animal may be watching you.

We try to teach you to overcome them all, and be ready for a lifetime of enjoying the dark night as a special environment to add to your photographic collection.

We will teach you how to make captivating photos of yourself, your family, or a place that is special to you.

Contact us, and we will figure out the best time and place for an experience unlike any other.

Please also read these quick tips on how to take photos of the starry sky.


Star reflections in the lake

Standing near the lake on a quiet night, the reflections make it seem like we are surrounded by stars.

Ulvshale, full moon


During full moon, the light from the moon makes it seem like daytime. But the stars in the sky make it clear that it is still night.

Sømarke Tomb

Sømarke Megalithic Tomb

The stone age megalithic tomb at Sømarke. This is the same view as 5000 years ago, when the tomb was constructed.