Couple under the Milky Way
Besøgende på Møn

A Dark Sky Park is a protected area dedicated to preserving dark night skies and minimizing light pollution. These areas are typically located in regions with minimal light pollution, far away from cities and towns, and have dark night skies that are ideal for stargazing and astronomy.

To achieve Dark Sky Park status, an area must meet a set of criteria established by the International Dark Sky Association (IDA). These criteria include having a dark sky with minimal light pollution, providing public access and facilities designed to protect darkness, promoting public education and awareness of light pollution, and collaborating with local communities and businesses to minimize light pollution.

Dark Sky Parks offer a unique opportunity to experience the night sky and nature's nightlife, and they are also important for the conservation of animals and plants that can be negatively impacted by light pollution. There are several Dark Sky Parks around the world, and they often offer tours and events that provide the public with an opportunity to experience the night sky in a unique and exciting way.

Dark Sky Park Møn and Nyord is one of the best places to experience darkness at night, and we continuously work to educate people about how to preserve the darkness by reducing light pollution.